2010 News

Ravens at the Raven

Ravens in Flight
Sand castles, birds and dolphins
Overnight fog lifted by mid morning to leave a bright sunny day in Wexford. Perfect conditions for the beach.

The Raven Nature Reserve is a major part of a sand dune system situated at the north side of the entrance to Wexford Harbour. The Raven is an important night roost for the geese of the area, whilst the conifer forest is home to Red Squirrels.

Whilst walking on the beach and building sand castles several Ravens where watched being harrassed by Hooded Crows, whislt a male Merlin was seen chasing a Skylark. Distant gull activity offshore gave away the presence of cetaceans which turned out to be a couple of Common Dolphin.

Throughout the visit geese and swans flew in high off the sea towards the slobs.

Red Kite in Autumn

Capturing the Beauty of Nature
Capturing the Beauty of Nature