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Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you enjoy viewing my images as much as I enjoy capturing them. If you have visited before you will notice a big change - a shift in focus to the world of moths. Don't worry all my other wildlife images are still available to see on my Flickr page linked below.
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My name is Geoff Campbell and I am very lucky to be based in the seaside town of Ballycastle, County Antrim, in the north east corner of Ireland. Lucky, because of the stunning landscapes which surround me, in which to explore and photograph the fantastic variety of local wildlife. I have been passionate about nature for as long I can remember, undoubtedly arising from conversations as a child with my grandfather about the birds surrounding his home near Antrim, but more poignantly those, such as the Yellowhammer and Corncrake, that he no longer seen or heard.

That early introduction to both the beauty and fragility of nature has stayed with me throughout my education and career. A couple of Degrees and Post Graduate Diplomas later I work, as ecologist doing my utmost to halt further losses to our valuable habitats and species, whilst in my spare time use my photography to capture natures beauty to encourage and inspire others to appreciate what is around us before it is too late. In more recent years my interests have expanded to include a step into the dark side - the world of Moths. This site is an opportunity to show off the beauty and diversity of this often misunderstood part of our natural world.
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If you want to check out my other wildlife images - birds, mammals, butterflies, orchids etc these are all still available on my Flickr page - Geoff Campbell Photography on Flickr.

Most of the photographs on this website have been taken in Ireland and many close to my North Antrim home..

Please feel free to contact me should you wish to acquire any images or photographs as this just a small selection of my wildlife photographic library.

Please note that all photographs on this site are copyright Geoff Campbell Photography and must not be used without permission.