2010 News

Sad End to an Ultimate Predator

Pine Marten, Co Tyrone
Lows and Highs of Day in Fermanagh 1
A work trip to Fermanagh was halted briefly on a new section of the A4 just east of Augher when I spotted the body of a recently killed Pine Marten.

The mammal is one of the rarest and most enigmatic native mammals in Ireland and Britain and is one of the species on my must photograph list, which I know will be a challenge as I only ever seen a couple in my life. This however is not the shot I am looking for!

It is always sad to see an impressive animal like this lost like this. Whislt the frequency that road killed individuals are being seen is increasing this would appear to be at least partially due to an increase and spread in the population.

There is supposed to a small population close to Ballycastle so I will be working hard to get a more attractive image in the coming years.