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Finally another Orchid

Marsh Helleborine
Tip off Pays Dividends
It's definately getting harder to find new Orchid species. I have been searching for Lesser Twayblade without success recently - any help welcome!

However a tip off from a fellow birder visiting Ballycastle to see the Laughing Gull put on the track of the beautiful Marsh Helleborine on the North Coast. I have been trying to arrange a visit to a site with very restricted access recently, but this new information meant I could visit right away - so I did.

I wasn't disappointed as almost immediately I found the plants, then more and then more! An estimate of about 150 plants would not ba far wrong, some in full flower, other past their best with some still to come out. They are stunning when you get up close.

So back to looking for the slightly less impressive Lesser Twayblade and then up to the mountains for Bog Orchid - as I said it's getting harder!

Red Kite in Autumn

Capturing the Beauty of Nature
Capturing the Beauty of Nature