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Laughing Gull Remains

Laughing Gull, Ballycastle
Ballycastle Gull In New Rarities Gallery
The Laughing Gull found last Wednesday is still present around the harbour and beach areas of Ballycastle, inspite of the poor weather.

I feared that the exodus of holidaymakers and deterioration in the weather would hit chip sales in Ballycastle to such an extent that the Laughing Gull would join the convoy of caravans leaving the town. The gull has developed a taste for fish and chips and in the evenings is often seen around Mortons chip shop at the harbour. It is becoming quite agressive towards the other gulls when competing for food, so it may remain at least for the duration of it's moult.

As if to celebrate Ballycastle's star bird at the moment I have added at Rare and Scarce Irish Birds Gallery within the Irish Birds Gallery - please feel free to have a look. I will be adding more images over the coming weeks, and if I did out my old scanner I may put on some pre digital shots.

Red Kite in Autumn

Capturing the Beauty of Nature
Capturing the Beauty of Nature