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New Butterflies and Damselflies

Bar-tailed Godwit, Wexford
Summer Wexford Trip - Part 2
After the success of the Essex Skippers it was off for a quick tour of a couple of sites I know - Our Lady's Island and Tacumshin lakes. Wind surfing and other holiday makers ruled out the southern end of the former site for terns though a few, including young birds were present at on the islands on the north of the lake. Also present were at least 10 Little Egrets.

At Tacumshin I had a quick look at the dragonflies and waders, then a search for a Glossy Ibis that has been present for a while. While photographing Common Darters I noticed a harrier on the far side of the lake. With only binoculars I seen enough to be 99% sure it was a sub adult Montagu's Harrier. Sadly I didn't see it again, nor did I see the Ibis. Though a Marsh Harrier before leaving was a nice addition (On return home a 2nd summer female Montagus Harrier was reported at the Tacumshin - the birder on the other side of the lake must have seen it too!)

Next on the site list was Eden Vale near Castlebridge, close to where I was staying. This river site has recent records of Beautiful Damoiselle damselfly and Comma butterfly. I seen the former, a first for me, though not well enough to photograph. A Holly Blue butterfly was also seen. This site is worth a walk for the waterfalls.

I then booked into my B&B and after a quick visit to the Wexford Wildfowl Reserve - a couple of Green Sandpipers present, it was off to Raven for the evening. In sun and warmth several Autumn Hawkers and Amber-winded Hawkers were hunting. Gatekeepers and hundreds of Common Blue butterflies feed on whatever flowers they could find. Smaller numbers of Small Copper and a few Small Heath were also present.

On the beach Sandwich and Little Terns, including young birds, were feeding just offshore. A couple of Grey Seals patrolled the seas just off the beach.

Despite the sun going down I wasn't finished yet! A few evening shots of Bar-tailed Godwits and Herons in the sunset in Wexford Harbour as the sun dropped was the perfect end to the day.