2010 News

Day 2 in Wexford

Gatekeeper, The Raven Wexford
Wexford Summer Trip - Part 3
Day 2 in Wexford started as sunny and warm as the evening before. I had to travel north to Ferns for a MotoX event is photographing. Even the track had wildlife. Common Blue butterflies and Small Tortoiseshells were on the wing before 9am whilst a Golden Y moth was observed feeding on thistles at the side of the circuit.

By mid afternoon I had got what I needed and it off the coast. The Raven car park was full but when you entered the site and beach you could find solitude given the scale of the site.

Impressive Blue Emperor dragonflies patrolled the dune pools, ragweed flower heads where teaming with butterflies and moths. Kestrels hovered overhead and a steady stream of terns passed south with sandeels just offshore.