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Urban Egrets

An Egret Too Close!
Wexford Summer Trip - Part 4
I woke up to a rainy start in Wexford - so I went back to bed knowing I had the long drive home to complete later in the day. By half seven the drizzle had gone and sky was brightening. After breakfast I was packed on the road by 8:30am.

First stop was Wexford Harbour where I had watched Little Egrets on previous evenings. I was in luck, as one fed close to main road bridge across Wexford Harbour close to the town centre. I quickly parked and set up the camera.

I got a few shots of it feeding before a commuter parked a little to close and bird took off. Thinking my chance for this trip had gone I thought returning to my car. Instead of flying off the egret turned a flew straight for me before banking at the last moment - just too close for the lens I had on!

Still a dramatic shot in the morning light.