2010 News

Another Orchid Species But No Photo!

Grass-of-Parnassus, Fermanagh
Bad Timing and Technical Issues
A day in Fermanagh gave me a chance to check a tip off for the rare and protected Green flowered Helleborine. I was told that two plants had been found and were in flower a week before so I was keen to get a look during my lunch break when I just down the road.

I quickly located the plants, but unfortunately they were well passed their best. I took a few images of the better of the two and went back to work a bit disappointed. I was even more disappointed when I got home and I couldn't access the images due to a technical issue with the memory card. Could have been worse if the plants were in prime conition.

I will now have to find some more or wait until next year.

I have attached a photograph of the lovely Grass of Parnassus flowers also taken in Fermanagh.

On Saturday I was covering a sports event in Co Down when I received a text that a Spoonbill had been found at the Quoile near Downpatrick. So a quick trip across in the hope of photographing it was in order. Unfortunately it was roosting on the opposite shore, too far away for photographs. Hopefully it will hang around for a while.