2010 News

Final Orchid of the Year?

Bog Orchid, Co Antrim
Orchid hunting for 2010 winding down
The final Orchid species which I hoped to find in 2010 was the diminutive and rare Bog Orchid. This species is restricted to the upland bogs of Antrim and South Down, living in wet, acidic areas with Sphagnum mosses.

The species also flowers very erratically so there is even if you know where it has been seen before there is no guarantee that it will flower there the next year. They only grow about 10cm high and their yellow green colour can make them difficult to find, though once you find one and get your eye in and you learn their habitat requirements more can be found. In fact my friend George Henderson and I found ten plants in a small area of suitable habitat in a few hours on the Antrim Plateau.

Many of the plants were a little past their best, but with a good recovery from a recent ankle injury I was just glad to get up there and see them – probably the best experience of my orchid hunting year. An a big thankyou to George who found the most of the Orchids whilst I was photographing them.

Bring on next year for more orchids that I missed this year by starting my challenge a little too late in the season.

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