2010 News

New Gallery Added

Brambling in the Snow
Local Gallery for Local Birds
With what promises to be another hard winter and the price of fuel spiralling upwards I am to spend more time at my new feeding station close to home.

The heavy snow and cold nights have brought a lot of birds to the feeders in short space of time. In the first week I have observed 23 species at or near the feeders. With heavy snow during the week the birds seemed glad of a new food source and it feels good to be helping them while getting some nice winter images.

Highlights have included Brambling, Tree Sparrow, Long tailed Tit, Goldcrest, Snipe and Woodcock! Ok the last two weren't at the feeders but were nearby. Perhaps this will give a chance to get a good image of a bird I have always wanted to photograph - the Woodcock. I have flushed more of this species this year than ever before as bird from the north and east have arrived to escape the worst of the near arctic conditions. They are so perfectly camouflaged for life on the woodland floor that they always see you before you see them.

Hopefully you will enjoy the photographs I get from this site over the coming months. Hopefully the photogrpahs will change regularly as I get new and better images. The new gallery can be found in the recent trip reports section in the Gallery (http://gcampbellphoto.co.uk/gallery_358504.html)