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New Damselfy Photo

Male Beautiful Demoiselle, Co Wicklow
One of the photographic aims of my recent Wexford trip was to get a photograph of the Beautiful Demoiselle damselfly, which for some reason is not found this far north in Ireland. Only once have I seen this species and this was distant and poor light conditions, so there was chance of a photograph.

The poor weather in May risked delaying their emergence this year and in spite of a couple of visits to a known Wexford site close to where I staying I could not find them.

I could resist one last try. On the way home I suggested a family walk to the waterfalls at Eden Vale, though my wife got suspicious when I put on my walking boots. It’s a nice walk with plenty of wildlife, and quite unlike the other parts of Wexford I normally visit. Whilst I left my wife and son through sticks into the river I sneaked off into the undergrowth.

First I found a female and got some reasonable shots before it flew deeper into the tall vegetation. There was nothing else for it would have to follow. Sure enough I could see at least two males close to where she landed. The recent rains had made the area very marshy so despite my best efforts I couldn’t get close enough without sinking. I had to give up and wash my legs in the river before returning to car (with my wife shaking her head all the while).

I travelled north, a little dejected, but at least I’d seen them and got some sort of photograph. To make up for earlier behaviour I thought I’d better stop off somewhere nice on the way home. So Mount Usher gardens in Wicklow for coffee and a walk seemed reasonable. A stunning place and well worth a visit, especially when there are both male and female Beautiful Demoiselles right alongside the paths!

Who says good behaviour isn’t rewarded!

Coming Soon - another new orchid and more. For more photos visit - http://www.flickr.com/photos/63223331@N05/

Red Kite in Autumn

Capturing the Beauty of Nature
Capturing the Beauty of Nature