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City Lunch - Part 2

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Cormorant with a Sea Trout
Having witnessed the unusual meal of the squirrel it was time to walk back down the Lagan towpath towards my office. On the way back I noticed one of the Cormorants diving close to the river bank. One last chance for a good shot before going back to my desk?

I waited for the bird to dive again then rushed along the towpath trying to predict where it might resurface. To my amazement it resurfaced right alongside and it wasn’t alone.

In it’s beak was a large fish, surely much too large for a Cormorant. The fish looked like a sea trout or one of those strange trout which are half sea trout/half brown trout which live in estuaries. Whatever it was it didn’t last long! The Cormorant deftly manoeuvred the fish into position and in seconds it was swallowed. All that remain was a large bulge in the neck of the Cormorant.

It really is amazing what you can see so close to the City Centre.
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