2012 News

Belated Happy New Year!

Red Squirrel, Ballycastle
New Year, New Friend Part 1
Apologies for the lack of updates over the past week, but I have busy with work and family. This the second new year of my website and I would like to thank all who have looked in over the past year and to those who have contacted me about photography and wildlife issues.

As I said a few weeks ago I have started a new feeding station in a local forest with the hope of photographing amongst other things Red Squirrels. In the mean time I was made aware of another great site with Squirrels, which I love and will continue to visit. It is however about 60 miles away so not exactly convenient for regular visits.

This week however, after a lot of effort and even more peanuts and hazelnuts my local Squirrels seem to have accepted me with two different animals visiting the feeder station on a regular basis whilst I am there, approaching to within a few metres of my hide. This is not as close as my other site though, where on two occasions now squirrels have come into the hide with me and once sat on boot!

I recommend that you go out and find some local Red Squirrels if you are lucky enough to still have some and just watch them. They can provide hours of entertainment for all ages and I’m sure you will come away wanting to do something to help them survive.

I will be updating more recent squirrel shots to the new Gallery in My Favourites soon