2010 News

A Swift Drink

Swift, Ballycastle
A Chance to Get Close to Aerial Masters
Whilst completing a few BTO Bird Atlas surveys today I was lucky enough to watch hirundines and Swifts feeding and drinking along a local river.

It was a wonderful opportunity to see these masters of the air at lower altitudes. Swallows, House and Sand Martins and Swifts were all in a mixed flock only a few metres from me.

The Swifts seem to take their time getting to Ballycastle this year, but there are more than 12 pairs around the town.

Swifts rarely ever stop flying, even nest material is picked up on the wing when winds are strong enough to lift dead grasses and feathers etc.

Photographing them was not easy, the shear speed and erratic flight made following and focusing diffcult, though I managed to get a few reasonable results.

I will certainly be trying this again if the good sunny weather holds till the weekend.