2010 News

Website Upgrade

Sandwich Tern
Finally more images and galleries are added
Heavy showers and strong winds this weekend curtailed my photographic activities a little, though a break in the weather on Sunday did let me out to photograph Sandwich Terns just off Ballycastle Harbour.

The weather did however give me a little time to begin to upgrade this website. I have purchased more memory space and therefore room for more photographs!

I have added a personal favourites gallery allowing me to show more images of some species I really enjoy photographing. They may not be the most glamorous species but, to me, they have a special enigmatic quality which means I really enjoy working with them. This quality may be how the interact with me or it may be the challenge of their capturing elements off their behaviour.

Also added is an Orchids Gallery within Irish Flora showing some my recent efforts to capture Northern Ireland's orchid species.

Several butterfly, dragonflies and damselfly species have been added, as well as few more birds.

This only the first phase of the upgrade with more galleries, images and comments to be added in the coming weeks and months. Lets hope the summer returns or I may have to spend more time at the computer!