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Avoiding the Storms

Eider Catching Crabs in Ballycastle Harbour
Eider take shelter in Ballycastle Harbour
A after the strong winds of Ramore in the morning, the relative shelter that Ballycastle Harbour was a welcome relief. Not onlyf or me, as five Eiders were feeding amongst the boats of the marina to avoid the waves and winds of the open sea and coasts.

Occasionally a couple of the bird came close enough to harbour edge for photographs and when this coincided with the sun coming out from behind a cloud a few good images were obtained.

It was the amazing the efficiency with which they could find and catch crabs from the bed of the harbour. Almost every dive was successful, before bringing their prey to surface, disposing of their legs and swallowing the bodies whole.

Whilst the male Eider is obviously a stunning bird it is only when you get close to the female and young Eiders that the intricacies of the plumage can be fully appreciated.

Red Kite in Autumn

Capturing the Beauty of Nature
Capturing the Beauty of Nature