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City Life

Male Siskin, Belfast
Urban Wildlife
With work and family commitments and poor weather I haven't got out much with the camera over the past few weeks. In fact my photography has been limited to a few lunchtime walks around my workplace in Belfast.

Despite the urban environment there are still plenty of things to see if you look closely enough. In the past week I have seen more Waxwings close to the Ormeau Road. Whilst on the River Lagan right in the middle of Belfast, close to the Waterfront Hall, Black Guillemots have started courtship displays and prospecting nest holes. I have put one photograph of these birds in the latest images gallery showing the birds coming back into breeding plumage.

A highlight though has been the flocks of Long-tailed Tits and Siskins feeding in the alder trees along the Lagan Towpath. I always enjoy watching and try to photograph these busy little birds which never seem to stop moving in search of food. Both species are real acrobats often hanging upside down.

Attached is a photograph of a male Siskin in Belfast on Thursday, doing just that – just hanging around.