2011 News

Stay Another Day

Red breasted Flycatcher, Portrush
Rare Bird Remains a Little longer
The Red Breasted Flycatcher found at Portrush last Saturday afternoon amazingly stayed until Sunday. Unfortunately my son was sick all Saturday night and combined with a poor weather forecast I decided not to make an early start on Sunday.

I kept an eye on my phone and websites for news, either positive or negative on the bird but nothing was forth coming. I assumed like many that the bird had moved on overnight.

As midday approached the weather on the North Coast improved with the sun coming out, so I decided to try a few spots for a bit of photography, with a quick check of Ramore Head, just in case. I'm glad I did, as I met a few birders who had seen the bird earlier but it had since disappeared. Very frustrating!

For a full 90 minutes I checked nearby gardens and hedges, the cliffs and building along the shore without success. Fortunately as I returned to where I had seen it the evening before there it was on rocks, doing what flycatchers do - catching flies.

The bird remained for the afternoon and with the news now getting out, a few more birders and non-birders got see this beautiful little bird. It easily picked off the flies along the shoreline and was watched catching and eating a Small Tortoiseshell butterfly.

Thankfully I managed to get some decent shots over the next couple of hours of species I never thought I would see in Antrim. Unfortunately it was not reported after Sunday afternoon, so hopefully it gets safely to somewhere it can spend the winter.

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